Our satisfied clients sharing their experiences

  • Head

    HR Avenue has transformed the HR functions within the organization by providing intuitive and powerful HR tools to enhance the current process and it is being used effectively by users of all levels. It has enhanced the process flow and has increased the speed of the current pace especially in churning out the annual EA forms, payment of bonus, arrears, staff loans, training records and tracking of staff medical bills. In this respect, we have no objection to recommend the HR system provided by myQuickHR to any other organization that wishes to implement the HRMS.

    Human Resource Development Department, Banking Industry
  • Vice President/Head

    “myQuickHR understands the Bank’s requirements and were able to adapt it into their product offering to us. Through the introduction of HR Avenue, our HR division was able to automate several manual processes and this has improved the efficiency of delivery of our HR services to the rest of the organization. The product boasts extensive facilities that are not only being used by HR but other divisions as well, an example being the Loan facility, which is handled by Finance. I am pleased to say that this project has been a successful implementation.”

    Vice President/Head
    Group Human Resource Development, Banking Industry
  • Assistant Vice President/Head

    “We would like to commend (the team from myQuickHR) on their dedication in assisting our implementation team throughout the implementation process to ensure that the project was a success. (HR Avenue) has introduced some degree of cost management through its overtime facilities. We are also pleased with the Employee Self Service capabilities provided in the system which allows the staff, supervisors and line managers to have access to their most up-to-date HR information including benefits entitlements, payroll related data and profile information. We would support the HR Avenue to other organizations that are looking into implementing a comprehensive HR system.”

    Assistant Vice President/Head
    Human Resource Development, Banking Industry