Our Events
2022 Effective Agile Project Management with Jira & Confluence Training Course (10th June 2022)

JIRA Software is a powerful tool for Project Management and people tend to focus more on the tool than the method itself. This instructor-led, live training introduces the participants to the power of Jira and Confluence, working together to serve the only purpose of helping the team to deliver successfully the product / project. The team will learn how to properly use these tools to be more efficient handling User Requirements, Testing, Communication, centralized in one place. Will be studied JIRA projects, Confluence spaces, workflows, boards (Kanban & Scrum), planning and dependencies, Jira/Confluence linkage, reporting, important fields and custom fields, issue types, screen & filtering.

Participants: 10 pax (Project Manager, Asst Proj Manager, Developer & Implementers)
Training provider: NobleProg
Venue: MyQuickHR, The Vertical Business Suite

2022 Hari Raya Celebration (23 May 2022)

A Hari Raya Celebration was held for the year 2022, 1443H. This Hari Raya celebration is held as a 'Potluck' and all staff wear the theme of Baju Raya to provide the atmosphere of this Hari Raya celebration.

2022 Chinese New Year Celebration and Festival Gift
2022 Company Luncheon
2018 Bangkok (15th to 17th Sept 2018)

A much awaiting trip by our staffs where they were taken to explore the Bangkok city as well as the tourist places around it. The staffs were also given opportunity to be on a river cruise and also were able to visit the famous Floating Market in Bangkok.

2018 Duit Raya

All our employees gets a “green angpau” a week before Hari Raya!

2018 Raya Celebration

We took all our staff out just a day before the beginning of ‘Puasa’ month to enjoy the best Thai food in Sri Ayuthaya, Bangsar.

2018 Chinese New Year Dinner

Chinese New Year Dinner was held at the VE hotel located in, Bangsar South just next to our office. All of our staff received a Gold Bar each and an ‘Ang Pau’ as a token of our appreciation.

2017 Employee Appreciation Event

On the last day of 2017, the Employee Appreciation Event was held in Hilton Hotel and Smart TVs were given out as the Grand Lucky Draw prize.

2017 Chinese New Year Dinner

Chinese New Year Dinner was held at Sri Melaka Restaurant, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. All staff received a gold bar each as well as an ‘Ang Pau’ as a token of our appreciation.

2017 Raya Celebration

Raya Dinner was held in Chili’s, Bangsar Shopping Complex just two days before fasting month began. All our staff received Duit Raya!

2016 Raya Celebration

Pakistani food at the House of Pakeeza, Petaling Jaya was the highlight of dinner. To top it off, Duit Raya was given and an ice watch too!

2011 Bandung Trip (14th to 16th Oct 2011)

Our staffs were given opportunity of a vacation trip to Bandung, Indonesia. One of itinerary was the amazing tour to Mount Takuban Perahu which is one of the famous stratovolcano in Indonesia. Our staffs enjoyed and had a great time as well as managed to shop a lot in that trip.